How to Make a Video from Images: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make a Video from Images: A Comprehensive Guide 

Videos are far more effective tools for conveying your message than images. It is suitable for brand promotion, wishing (anniversaries, birthdays, or any other memorable days), and storing memories (celebration, events, tours). According to HubSpot, 80 percent of viewers retain video messages seen in the last month. Videos give up to 60 per cent more conversion than images.

If you are a business person or marketer for your organisation, videos are the resource to optimise your marketing investments. Even if its purposes are purely personal, videos leave a better emotional impact, and you can live the moment years after.

Having said that, you can also make videos with existing images. Multiple tools available on the web help create customised videos with screenshots or photos. This article will explain a step-by-step process for making a stunning video from images with special effects. Stay with us for reference and convert images to video for personal or business requirements like a pro.

We have shortlisted a video maker platform, InVideo, for reference to an image to video. They are market leaders offering a bouquet of exclusive video-making services. We will conclude the article with three other prominent ways to enhance your creative side.

InVideo is a professional and affordable video editing application for everyone with an extensive library of templates & videos.

Let us begin…

Steps to Create Images to Video

Step 1: Account Set up and Log in

  • Go to InVideo( Click on sign-up. You will be redirected to the account set-up page.
  • Write your full name, email id, password and mobile number. 
  • The website may ask for permission for emailers. If you want exclusive deals and new product information, allow the notifications. Fill in the details and proceed.
  • Next, a prompt will ask you to create a team with an option of multiple admins. It is a handy feature for team projects. It eases collaborating on projects.
  • They can contribute to videos and more. You can either copy the invite link or skip the step.
  • After this, choose from the three options: free, business, and unlimited plans.
  • Go for the free version if you are a fresher trying your hand in video making.
  • You can later upgrade to business and unlimited plans once accustomed to the tricks of the game.


Step 2: Dashboard

Go to ‘Tutorials’, select ‘Make Your First Video’. On the next screen, click on ‘Create a Quick Video’. Next, you will get a dashboard to create stunning videos from your favourite images or screenshots.

Step 3: Import Images

  • The dashboard is where the action happens. You can drag and drop or upload media files. You can access the images on the system and save them in the uploads section.
  • Next, upload files and drag & drop for editing on the canvas. To create the desired video, you can make multiple changes and improvisations in the selected images.
  • In addition, a paid subscriber can even remove watermarks from selected media.
  • For video making, click on the image. You can drag it, resize it as many times, place them in any order and required size. Once satisfied with the size, placement, and image, it is time for adding title, text, and effects.

Tip: Make a file of the best images or screenshots according to the purpose of the video. Save it on the system. It will help faster uploads and save time spent searching for images.

Step 4: Filters and Text

After uploading images, add filters and texts to make them more appealing. If it is a video for a business presentation or project, add a suitable title. The title should be short and crisp. It should complement the images and video.

Go to the filter option and click to explore different options. Go through each, one after the other, and apply the desired filter for the ideal effect. Each filter provides various options. You can select one or multiple filters. You can also remove and edit them as many times as needed.

Use the text option on the left-hand side below the music and above the logo for titles and subtitles. You can easily customise it.

Tip: Create catchy and relevant text for videos. If you want the video to be more customer-centric and value-driven, you can hire a writer.

Step 5: Add Music and Colour 

Beautiful colour combinations and soulful sounds can bring videos to life. These video effects multiply impact for B2B and B2C requirements. InVideo offers an extensive library of music providing different moods such as rock, country, chillout, etc.

You can also use this image to video platform to apply a colour palette to all scenes in one click, design new patterns, restore default colour settings and much more.

Important Consideration

If you are using music from the internet, you should check copyrights. Google and other search engines automatically detect copyright infringement. If they find your video has such content or music, the system will bring down the video or block your account. So, check and use only licensed or free music.

Step 6: Review, Download and Export

In the final leg of the image to video process, check images, their adjustments, music, text, templates, colour pattern, and logo (if any). 

Once satisfied with everything, save the video. It will help if you want to edit the file or re-save the video in another format.

You have done excellent work; now it’s time to conclude the process. Click on download. You will get video quality options (HD:720p and Full HD:1020p). Choose one and export to share (extreme right, top corner.)

Other Methods to Create Videos from Images

If you are exploring options, here is a list of prominent three ways to create videos from images/screenshots apart from one explained above.


  • You can use the ‘Google Photos’ app to create stunning videos.


  • Windows users can create on ‘Windows Movie Maker’. You can also try other slideshow maker apps on the web for Windows and Mac.


  • For iOS-enabled Mac and iPhones, you can explore the in-built ‘Apple Photos app’ for captivating videos.


Concluding Remarks

Use these easy-to-follow methods and create an engaging video for your business. These platforms have truly democratised video making. Anyone in your team or yourself can sign up and create videos in a couple of minutes with this easy and quick video-making software.